Atta Madiae Ants, 2013.


Cast bronze

Artworks foundry

photos by Andre Van De Ven; Roland Vink

Leaf Cutter Ants

Permanent home at Riverhaven Artland Sculpture Park, Clevedon

The Ants permanent home, within their own landscape of anthills, resides in the beautiful Clevedon sculpture park, Riverhaven Artland.

Born as a sight specific response to the Auckland Botanic Gardens 2013/14 exhibition Sculpture in the Gardens, Atta Mediae is a work primarily heralding industry and the merits of hard work. Along side this are ideas around team work and working toward a single unified goal or outcome.

Any successful team pulls on the strengths of its individuals. This idea of individuality is reflected in the unique designs sculpted into each Ants armory.

The Ants bodies are put together more like armor than exoskeletons, though the two are reflective of each other as an exoskeleton performs the same function as armor.

The armor also signifies the uniform; a device used to represent unity, identity and shared purpose.

The leaves impart a soft, organic aspect to the piece and signify the yin or feminine principal, thereby engendering a harmonic balance between themselves and the hard, masculine, robotic nature of the ants.

Seen as a whole, the rhythm of the soft and hard elements combine to reflect the balance of life as it marches ever forward to greater achievements.

Ironically I worked harder on this than any other sculpture. It was incredibly labor intensive.