Little Blue Penguin.


Cast bronze

Flux foundry

photos by Andre Van De Ven

Permanent Public Sculpture, Campbells Bay Beach, Auckland

These six Little Blue Penguins, made in bronze, can be found at Campbells Bay on Auckland’s North Shore.

The little blue penguins were a private initiative by Max Tomson, supported by local council, celebrating the bird and penguins ladies, Sylvia Durrant and Annwynne Standish and the tireless work they do rehabilitating the local penguins, among other birds.

I was so excited to do this project, so lucky to be part of it. Working on a community project is so rewarding and working with Max Thomson, whose idea it was to offer his community, was such a joy.

Community telling its story is such an important social function and one which is of benefit to all who encounter it. It not only fosters self knowledge, but creates a sense of worth and understanding amongst its people, which further extends outward to other groups and visitors.

When we first installed the penguins there was an attempt at vandalising them, but once we had the community unveiling people understood that it was a community self funded, self directed initiative, and the community embraced the addition.

The penguins tell a story about the love and generosity of the Bird ladies, Sylvia Durrant and Anwwyn Standish, and their long lasting positive contribution to their community.