The Long Embrace.


Cast bronze

Artworks foundry

Permanent Public Sculpture, Ayrlies Gardens, Auckland

The ‘Long Embrace‘ was made for the Inaugural ‘Sculpture in the Gardens’ at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

This is the large version of the ‘Short Embrace’, a medal in the 2004 MANZ exhibition. It, in turn, came from another medal, ‘Katybird‘, I did for a 2002 MANZ exhibition in which I explored ideas around the relationship to forms within nature; specifically forest dwellers; and in turn their anatomical relationship to the flora around them. This medal featured a native Tui on a branch on the obverse, and a Katydid cricket on the reverse.

This piece was bought by the sponsors, the McConnell Family, and now resides at the celebrated Ayrlies Gardens.